Gotta Buy, Listen, Read, Watch, Skip!


FX is quickly becoming one of my favorite cable networks from “Louie” to “Justified” to “Wilfred” and the now moved to DirectvDamages“, it is the HBO to regular cable. If you like adult and I mean really adult humor and drama check this network out. “Louie” is kind of hard to describe its not a sitcom but more of a faux reality show. It’s hard to explain but I’ll try, the show stars Louis C.K. a real standup comedian who will make fun of anything. He puts the “P” in Politically Incorrect. The show follows Louie during his everyday life as a single dad to two girls by day, and a relatively successful standup comedian by night. In between are snippets of his racy standup routine. This week Louie took his young girls on a trip to Pennsylvania to visit his 97 year-old aunt. He wanted them to get to know someone who lived in during a different time period . He expected the aunt to tell them about riding on a horse and buggy, living without computers etc. That didn’t work out very well because old auntie had a racist streak mentioning the word nigger a few times upsetting his daughters. It was hilarious seeing the young girls trying to figure out what planet this old woman was from as she mention “niggertoes” a name for a nut. The show pushes the envelope as far as possible, so if you’re the sensitive type stay away.


A dog that smokes weed? That’s what “Wilfred” does, well he does in the mind of Ryan (Elijah Wood of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy). Ryan is a non-practicing lawyer who suffers from depression. He’s taking meds that are making him see things. Well he communicates with his next door neighbor’s dog. Actually he does more than communicate with Wilfred, he smokes weed with Wilfred, hangs out with the Aussie accented dog played by Jason Gann. Other people see Wilfred as just a dog, but for Ryan Wilfred may be the only thing keeping him from taking his life. Funny in a real dirty sarcastic way. ¬†Gann plays an angry dog who hates being told what to do, and being treated less than a human. You have to suspend your imagination and just go with it. I love this one.